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Who is Expert Irrigation Niagara??

My background in irrigation dates back to 1990 when I started working for a company out of St. Davids Niagara On The Lake. In the 8 years I worked for this company we became the largest irrigation company in the Niagara installing systems for large golf courses , green houses and many commercial / residential jobs.

In 1999 I made a decision to move to Ottawa. This is when Expert Irrigation Ottawa was started. The business has been growing steadily and has been rewarded with a solid base of clients who are pleased with the quality of the work we have done for them. This is the bottom line for Expert Irrigation Niagara... that our clients are happy with the work we have done for them and that the company operates with honesty and a strong competitive price point. We have designed and installed a dozen sports-field irrigation systems for the Ottawa Carleton School Board and many large-commercial and residential projects.

Returned back to the Niagara Region in 2016 to start Expert Irrigation Niagara, NICE TO BE BACK!

In 1997 when I was in The Niagara Region Watts came out with the irrigation wall hydrant so water could be shut off to the irrigation system from outside ,finally. At this time there were no exterior irrigation controllers available to complete the " no entry irrigation systems " I was thinking up. With a bit of shopping around we found these metal water proof boxes , with a bit of customization the no entry set up was complete. We started installing the system controllers outside, which we believe is the appropriate place for them. These changes to the usual installation procedure have made servicing much more efficient for both myself and my clients. They eliminate the need for our client to be present at their premises to provide us with access to service their system. We can provide more efficient service with less hassle.

Over time some small changes have been done with irrigation technology always improving . In 2000 Hunter came out with the exterior Pro-C controller witch we use to this day and the hydrants have been replaced by the Flowtech remote valve.

Remember, just because a company has been in business for many years does not mean that they are installing systems correctly. I have, over the years, installed and or repaired easily over one thousand systems and I have acquired an enormous degree of knowledge from these ventures. This knowledge enables me and my staff to provide clients with both cost-effective and high-quality workmanship.

Business credentials

Expert Irrigation Niagara is a professional member and are certified Irrigation Technicians ( C.I.T.) through Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades.

Accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Hunter and Rain Bird Preferred Contractor.