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Certified Irrigation Technician

Hire with confidence. Hire a Certified Irrigation Technician.

Now, more than ever, a professionally-designed and maintained landscape adds significant value to your home or business. Irrigation is an essential part of maintaining that investment.

Responsible water management is now an essential part of sound environmental practices for lawn and garden maintenance.

New technologies have made irrigation systems more affordable, easier to operate, and easier to maintain than ever before.

For these reasons and more, the irrigation industry has witnessed unprecedented growth over the past decade and will continue to expand and play a vital role in water management well into the future.

Landscape Ontario's Irrigation Group is committed to promoting and adopting new technologies, minimizing water use, and educating the industry on these new practices and technologies through its Certified Irrigation Technician program.

The Certified Irrigation Technician program was developed by a leading group of industry professionals to prove a minimum standard of competency for people who design, install and maintain both residential and commercial irrigation systems by verifying their skills in the following areas:

  • Irrigation Technology
  • Identification of Soil Types
  • Soil-Water-Plant Relationships
  • Hydraulics
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Scheduling of Your Irrigation System
  • Materials
  • Service Troubleshooting
  • Charts and Wire Sizing

The Certified Irrigation Technician designation is a means for individuals and companies to demonstrate a high degree of proficiency through their commitment to education and their concern for the environment. The CIT symbol is your assurance you are dealing with a company or individual that has a professional level of knowledge and skill.

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