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Here are some testimonials from our customers.

Expert Irrigation was professional, on budget, and delivered quality service. The no-entry irrigation system has been hassle free and effective for our landscaped yard and is backed by a great warranty. I haven't needed to have anyone in my home for the system to be turned on/off or maintained. Bryan continues to deliver with a competitive price point and high customer service. We have continued with his services for follow-up installments to extend our irrigation system into our backyard. Bryan continuously respects our timelines and has coordinated his work with the landscapers and fence builders on site for any of our projects. He continues to maintain our system annually and as such answers questions at any time of year for me and when needed he is on site quickly to effectively make any changes I request.

- Saralyn Hodgkin

Bryan and his team installed our no-entry irrigation system in 2010 and we could not be more pleased. Courteous, thorough, and professional is how we'd describe the service provided by Expert Irrigation Ottawa. Excellent value. Almost forgot, we also hired Bryan to install a lighting system on our grounds - another excellent job. Thanks Bryan!

- Michael Proulx & Donna Rennie

Bryan installed our irrigation system in 1999 and has been maintaining it ever since. He truly is an expert in his field and, with Expert Irrigation Ottawa, continues to provide us with timely, efficient, and friendly service.

- Shelley and Steven Welchner

Having dealt with "Expert Irrigation Ottawa's" management, for several years, I can unreservedly attest to the firm's business professionalism, technical expertise and genuine sincerity when dealing with my landscape irrigation requirements. Their Spring start-up and Fall shut-down service is both timely and hassle-free. Similarly, minor adjustments necessitated by changing layout requirements, maturation of shrubs, flower beds and lawn space have been completed promptly and at a very competitive price. Listening to customers' short, mid and long-term landscaping plans and designing a system that will meet growth requirements while ensuring normal changes can be made with the least amount of work and cost is the hallmark of Expert Irrigation Ottawa. Despite using top quality components that will ensure system longevity and low maintenance, consultation with other irrigation firms has invariably determined that Expert Irrigation Ottawa offers the greatest cost efficiency and long-term dependability.

- Art Crosby

I have known Bryan for several years and I have been a client of Expert Irrigation since 2000. He and his staff are very knowledgeable, courteous and prompt in all aspects of their service.


I have dealt with Bryan from Expert Irrigation Ottawa since 1999 when he installed an Irrigation system in my first house in Barrhaven .

My wife and I both liked Bryan and his crew. Their work ethic and professionalism were fantastic. The installation was quick with no problems and no cost over-runs.

We sold and have built another house in Barrhaven. We were so happy with our first system that we had Expert Irrigation Ottawa install another system at our new home. The new system has been working flawlessly since 2005. We love the fact that the timer and water shut off are outside the house, so maintenance can be done with no one home. We recently signed up for their seasonal maintenance package. I now have peace of mind knowing that the system is taken care of.

I can say with confidence that I am the envy of my street, because as they say "The grass is always greener on the other side".

- Donnie Carle

In 1999 my sprinkler system was designed and installed by Expert Irrigation, I live right beside a beautiful lake 30 minutes from downtown Ottawa on the Quebec side . My system is a pump system using the water from the lake to water my landscape and it does this very well. This system has worked great from the day of installation . I have Bryan maintain the system every year and there are never any major problems.

- Jay F.

I had several quotes from other company and I really liked the idea of having all the irrigation utilities outside of the house for easier service. I was having a lot of landscape work done and they made the process a lot easier by being very flexible with the landscapers on site. By the middle of summer when my landscape project was coming to an end Expert Irrigation Ottawa had everything installed and working well. They were very professional and polite and the job went in smoothly. I defiantly recommend Bryan for any irrigation and landscape lighting work.

- Don McCallum

Expert Irrigation Ottawa supplied the best quote and completed the work in less time that quoted and did not exceed the quote given. No hidden surprises, add-ons, or extras. Bryan is extremely knowledgeable about the hardware and systems installed, very meticulous and my yard was cleaned very well after completion. Once installed, I was given a full a very simple explanation of how the system works. Every square inch of my lawn gets watered with no brown spots or wasted water anywhere. I have had my system for 8 years and it has been problem free and continues to work flawlessly. Having an irrigation system has saved me endless hours of manual watering. My lawn has been the greenest lawn on the block year after year.

Service - Expert Irrigation Ottawa opens and closes my system every year and again, is very competitively priced and shows up when it's time (both spring and fall).

If you are thinking of installing an irrigation system, I recommend Expert Irrigation Ottawa

- Wayne C., Orleans On.