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Water Conservation Tips for a Beautiful Lawn and Garden

For many Canadians, manicuring the lawn and maintaining a beautiful garden continues to be a favourite hobby.

Having a lush, green lawn and healthy garden helps homeowners create a backyard oasis that family and friends can enjoy all spring and summer long.

While the desire for a beautiful yard continues to grow, Canadians are becoming more conscientious about water conservation.

To help gardeners achieve a lush environment while conserving water, you must water your plants early morning preferably or late afternoon after the sun has set to prevent water from evaporating and to maximize moisture. Water can also act like a magnifying glass and burn your lawn. I find that early morning watering works the best because any excess water that might be laying in a low area will evaporate during the day and not cause any kind of fungus growth.

While weather conditions may vary throughout the summer, the general rule of thumb is to water every four to seven days for long intervals to saturate the ground a depth of six inches. Where clay is present, the watering should be more frequent with shorter run cycles to prevent water run off and waste, especially on sloped areas. Clay loam soils retain much more water then sandy loan soils so be careful not to over water the lawn as it is just as harmful as under-watering.

Having an irrigation system enables you to program watering schedules to run on any duration of time, ensuring you do not over water and / or waste. Think of the extra time you'll have so you can enjoy other activities instead of dragging a hose around!!

Consider the area that requires watering and ask your certified irrigation technician to choose the appropriate tool. For example, to help provide nourishment to trees, a bubbler station would be the answer. Bubblers release a small amount of water right at the base of the tree. To water flower beds,depending on size, a soaker hose or drip watering system that focuses water flow on the desired area is key. For a larger garden we would install spray heads that project a light spray of water to cover without damaging delicate plants. For large lawn areas, a gear driven rotor would be installed for further projectory of water and head to head coverage enabling the water to reach all areas of the yard equally and efficiently.

Micro irrigation systems are inexpensive and work well for hanging planters. Focusing the water directly on the root, micro-irrigation systems help conserve water consumption while effectively providing nourishment to your plants.

To maintain a beautiful lawn and garden without depleting water supplies and keeping the water bill to a minimum give a great deal of thought to a fully automatic irrigation system. Water will be going to the lawn and garden, not the sewer drain at the end of your driveway.

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